Welcome to Brindle on Security

I’ll start this blog by introducing myself. My name is Joshua Brindle and I’ve been working on security software and such for a while. About 4 years ago I started Hardened Gentoo which exposed both myself and many users to modern security systems available for Linux. This project has, in many ways, led me up to where I am today in my career and otherwise.

Today I work at Tresys Technology on research and development on security systems. My main project is the SELinux Policy Server, which is an opensource project working on policy management and policy access control for SELinux but I also help out with various other projects around the company.

While I don’t have the 20+ years of experience that some of my peers and coworkers have I do believe that I have some unique insights that I haven’t seen published or otherwise so I’d like to take advantage of the so called “blogosphere” to share them.

Hopefully, with the help of this and other blogs, we can help make security more prevalent outside of the security industry. Large strides have been made in this respect in the last year, especially the introduction of SELinux into a mainstream, general purpose operating system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4). This blog will be more focused on security philosophy and theory rather than the practical and howto style posts of other blogs, such as Dan Walsh’s.

That said, I invite requests for specific subjects in posts and I’ll try to facilitate them if I’m able so keep reading and watch out for my first post, “The Myth of Least Privilege”