SELinux training

My employer, Tresys Technology, occasionally hosts an SELinux training class, many of which I’ve been the teacher for. The course outline and slides are available for free at but that isn’t what this post is about.

I’ve been asked if I think many people would pay to take an online shorter version of the class if it were around $500. I wasn’t sure how to answer so I decided to ask the people that read my blog what they think. It would be an 8 hour video or slide version of the course available on the web. If not many people would take the class another option is to have a 1 hour free webinar that talks about how SELinux can be useful to commercial enterprises that IT people could use to learn some basics about what SELinux can do.

I’d like some feedback on these ideas but in any case you can come see me teach a tutorial in person at Linux World Expo San Francisco in August.