New blogging system… Also I left Tresys.

After almost 9 years there I have resigned, which was a hard thing to do.

Spencer Shimko, Brandon Whalen and I left Tresys a couple weeks ago to start our own company, Quark Security. That decision wasn’t easy but it is a good time in our careers and we all believe that we are prepared to succeed running our own company. We were joined by an ex-Tresys employee, Ed Sealing.

So, after a very crazy 2012, almost entirely focusing on mobile security for me, we are going forward, trying to figure out how to make our mark on the world. We are learning about the nitty gritty details about government contracting that we were never exposed to before. It is all very fascinating and definitely unlike what I’ve done before.

Strangely enough, my workload is much lighter at the moment, than it was before I left, so I hope to be able to spend some time writing up my thoughts on various things, including mobile security, before I get ramped back up to pre-leaving workloads.